Draco Heritage

The Indominable Spirit of Draco

Kåre Drangsholt founded Draco Boats in the late 1960s in Flekkefjord, a small town in southern Norway. Kåre was known for his ambition, drive and passion for boats.

An enthusiastic sailor in his youth, Kåre later developed an interest in motorboats. He saw almost unlimited potential and possibilities in the medium, and with his equally ambitious wife Vibeke, he followed his vision. 

In fierce competition with other manufacturers, they positioned Draco Boats to become the largest European boat builders of the 1970s. A prolific partnership with legendary Norwegian boat designer Jan Herman Linge resulted in the Sportling, Draco’s first major commercial success. The Sportling led to exceptional growth and inspired the development of a new kind of Scandinavian motorboat that dominated markets.

Kåre Drangsholt built his company with intention and lived for his brand. His adventurous spirit and creativity still inspire, long after his tragic death in 1983 at just 42-years-old.

The new Draco RS range writes a new chapter in Draco history—introducing a new generation to the unique marriage of style, comfort and performance that every Draco boat embodies. 

The designs are entirely new, but the spirit is the same.